Do you need HELP sorting through all the diverse and conflicting  information  about health & wellness?  Are you aware that for the most part, your genetics may only play a 5-10% role in your health problems and 80-90% will be due to your own self-sabotaging habits that have gotten you into trouble? Throw in the other 10% from some environmental toxin exposures you cannot control!  And THEN, those family genes are upset AFTER exposed to toxic environmental chemicals that were possibly avoidable?   Yikes, we do hold the keys!

It is my joy to help you balance out some major factors out of whack and help you accomplish your GOALS!!  It isn't your fault!  It is crucial to learn how to pinpoint your own inflammatory triggers that lead to deficiencies thus creating the perfect storm for disease to thrive and flourish inside! How would you know if you have never been taught? That is where a Certified Holistic Health Coach comes I handy!  Knowledge is POWER and can transform the way you look and FEEL when combined with simple action steps! 

One thing is for sure, if we keep doing what we've always done we will keep getting the same lousy result! Ready for change?

We GOTTA save OURselves and NOT get DEADsies before our time!  

Eat for your Life to LIVE!!  aka: Health Recovery!

Say this, "I wanna LIVE!!"

Health Recovery with Cary Kelly

Do you "want" to be WELL?

Hi!  My name is Cary Kelly, your FAVORITE Health Coach EVER!  I take pleasure in assisting my clients "figure things out" to make the steps they need to accomplish their own health goals, resolve stubborn weight loss issues,  belly issues and hormone imbalances among other RED FLAG indicators popping up in the midst of their  busy & successful career!.

Did you ever wonder HOW or WHY you came down with this or that?  Did it ever bother you to see your tea-totaling friends or family members overcome with a dismal cancer diagnosis or crippled by a typical chronic disease just like everyone else gets too?  Do you ever wonder why some people can't lose weight no matter how "good" they try to be?  Oh my goodness, ME TOO!  AND,  I was always asking those "why" questions too and I found out there ARE plenty of answers but, the people we expect to share the truth with us, WON'T!  The answers are out there!  There is plenty of scientific research indicating that there is A LOT we CAN do to PREVENT chronic diseases now plaguing our population!  Now, THAT has my attention and for over 25 years I have been on a mission to research nutritional science for those answers!  After working the front lines of patient care and directly assisting physicians from many diverse specialties  for over 30 years in mainstream medicine, I witnessed a complete void in patient information in the area of true prevention..(NOT getting the disease in the first place!)  This was a big missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to staying healthy or reversing symptoms (science affirms is 80-90% diet and lifestyle induced), while the doctor often will tell us a condition is idiopathic or their med school professor may have told them it is of an etiology unknown!  THIS is where and WHY my shift into holistic health & wellness began.  I could see the institutes of health and medical journals full of the facts  about root causes and patients are never given this life changing guidance about how to keep and maintain there own good health!

I practice what I preach and have for many years which is why I was able to reverse my own hypothyroid diagnosis/symptoms and I went completely off the meds my doctor told me would never happen at my age!  My labs and symptom reversal confirmed it is indeed possible to change a lot of things via diet & lifestyle habits alone!  I feel my credentials ARE my sustainable healthy (BMI) weight, my phenominal cholesterol levels, HDL, LDL, trigycerides, blood sugar, liver enzymes  and glowing skin, healthy gums and teeth! The 25 lbs that came with the "hypothyroid diagnosis" disappeared within 6 mos as my thyroid function improved!  I take no daily RX medicine, I have no chronic disease and at age 60+ this seems to be remarkable.  I am thriving and love my life assisting people like YOU to turn things around to also have amazing energy levels and outcomes too! There is no stopping a healthy immune system when it gets what it needs to do its JOB!  This is where we as a society have fallen short!  When things go wrong with our health it is time to WAKE UP and understand WHAT habits we have had that instigated the trouble in the first place!  IE: too much sugar, fast food, inflammatory triggers, deficiencies and inferior quality of meals etc!  There are things in our power to control that can HELP or HARM our body's ability to heal, re-balance and repair itself when under attack.  Either we have been sowing good seeds or bad seeds when it comes to our own health! That's my job!  To help you sort it out and see a clear path out of the misery you may be experiencing.

In addition to being a research student of prevention strategies for over 25 years, I received certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I am a holistic health coach and I am a member of the American Association of Drugless Practioners.  I attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition with a 760 hour program,  along with the Dr Sears Wellness Institute coaching program with an emphasis on L.E.A.N (lifestyle, exercise, attitude & nutrition) with Nobel Prize winning research solutions!

Please GRAB this handbook of HOPE! 

                            THE HEALTH RECOVERY ZONE

is my labor of love for any who are puzzled about a new health matter and are struggling with some red flag health issues!  My friends in 12 step recovery have taught me how we can glean from this direction to also address some addictive foods we have trouble managing out of our life that may be exacerbating our troubles!  I share my experience, strength and HOPE, using validating scriptures, and affirming science to bring my HEALTH RECOVERY ACTION STEPS  and a plan that can have game changing results and are the same steps I took to reverse my own autoimmune illness!  Your faith will be encouraged, while you renew your mind about health and how it happens in our modern toxic lifestyle!

Say this:

"I wanna LIVE!!!!"