Do you "want" to be WELL?

Health Recovery with Cary Kelly

Health Recovery with Cary Kelly

                    includes the most popular options:

  • One on one coaching by the hour,  or as follow up after a 6 week, 3 month or 6 month commitment to accomplish your goals.
  • Some prefer the 1 hour grocery store tour to discover some new ideas and determine what foods are personally good choices  or NOT!
  • There will never be a one size fits all approach.
  • What works for one may NOT be the answer for someone else which is why after studying over 100 dietary theories, a certified health coach can help YOU  map out the plan that WORKS best for you!  
  • Some people are vegan, some eat meat but not dairy, some are gluten intolerant some are NOT etc etc!

Coaching Consultations are by phone or skype

        Our clients can be scattered throughout the globe and can still obtain amazing results!

Cary is an author,  motivational speaker, with corporate group facilitating experience and can engage and motivate participants in a very FUN way, into taking action steps to SAVE themselves!

First comes knowledge, then wisdom and understanding to open the eyes and ears of her client to get them to choose LIFE, HEALTH and HEALING via their own diet and lifestyle habits.

Cary will share her experience, strength and HOPE in a way that makes someone WANT to make the changes that heal!

ARE YOU STUCK in a rut or having trouble losing those stubborn pounds?  Are you bothered by some new symptoms that you'd like to address but don't know WHERE in the WORLD to start?   Do you need assistance in sorting through all the conflicting "diet" information floating around the internet or media or healthcare industries?

Getting back into a balance that results in improved energy and health may require some help from a professional certified holistic coach to hold your hand with accountability during some necessary changes that may involve breaking some exacerbating bad habits!