TO RENEW YOUR STRENGTH ... consider thine own current habits!

​​​​​​The Narrow and Wide Gates:

Enter through the narrow gate!  For wide is the gate and broad is path that leads to destruction and many are they that go there but small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to LIFE and only a few are they that find it.
Matthew 7:13,14

Therefore I say choose LIFE that you and your children shall LIVE!  

How we choose to live and navigate in this MODERN TOXIC world will be how also our children will learn to live!

THEY follow in our foot steps, bad habits and ALL!  That is NOT the same as having BAD GENES!

Today, very few in society are choosing to:

Eat for Life to LIVE!!  aka: HEALTH RECOVERY

The Scriptures even warns us about eating all the junk food of our day.  They had it back then also!

NET Bible (©2006)
Why pay money for something that will not nourish you? Why spend your hard-earned money on something that will not satisfy? Listen carefully to me and eat what is nourishing!     Enjoy fine food!                              Isaiah 55:2

Getting your needed health back

will require ACTION steps 

that support your body to 

HEAL itself!!

You and I have always been the ones to hold the keys and we obtain the power to choose life, health and healing with every bite or we'll choose sickness and disease by the way we eat and live from day to day.  It's never about what happens here and there but what we do day in day out.  No big mystery involved but we've got to dial in our habits!

We can't keep doing the same thing and expect a different result!= INSANITY

We gotta STOP shooting ourselves in the FOOT!

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge!   Hosea 4:6

Step # 1   Realize I am powerless over my tendency to choose the wrong thing and that my LIFE  and HEALTH or WEIGHT has become unmanageable!

Save YOURSELF!  Hire some HELP! Schedule a FREE initial Health Strategy consultation today!

SOME SCIENCE published research that became my motivation to help the masses understand that these things are preventable and reverseable and while medicine has known these things since the 1980's they largely have failed to tell the people the facts!  Perhaps they feel we'd rather just take a drug and continue to consume things that are causing the health demise?  Maybe they'd rather give drugs because they don't believe we will really change our ways?  Maybe they are right about that.  Most people aren't interested in cleaning up their own diet and lifestyle?  Problem is the drug for one symptom leads to side effects that require more drugs for the new symptoms, etc. I have been researching articles like these from medical journal publications and the Institutes of Health for nearly 30 years! This is the science that brought me into holistic health coaching: 

Research these articles:    COMING BACK SOON!  Research links are currently being updated!

Are you being a GOOD steward of your body?

We are commissioned to do so, that is

if we want to be in the 


where we shall enjoy the benefits of a healthy immune system that fights and conquers enemy invaders!   Grab my new book and learn some HEALTH RECOVERY ACTION STEPS that can support your wellness goals which could turn some troubling issues around!


There is always HOPE!

Health Recovery with Cary Kelly

Do you "want" to be WELL?