Is Health Coaching  the new path toward obtaining and maintaining our own health and wellness goals?

Many Integrative and Functional Medicine physicians who study the root cause of illness think so!  Many doctors marvel at the transformation that can happen when their patient embraces the support of a holistic health coach!  Getting help navigating through some necessary changes which can  make an incredible difference in just a few months, simply using attainable diet and lifestyle changes is epic for many!

Hiring a Holistic Health Coach

Coach Cary has a unique and personal approach for each client, unfolding what may or may NOT be exacerbating the issues they may be trying to manage.  She will guide each client into making some obtainable changes step by step, perhaps each week adding one or two changes.  Building upon what is working so far.  Having a coach to bounce off or work through each change with, has proven to be the biggest blessing!  The key to success is staying motivated, especially when clients love the changes they quickly notice ie: increased strength, stamina and energy or watching unwanted pounds melt away.  No matter what, as long as we are walking and talking, there is HOPE! 

Typically, within the first 30 minute consultation, a client will determine whether coaching may be the suitable path to take or not, for their situation.   




Health Recovery with Cary Kelly Holistic Health Coaching

Author of The Health Recovery Zone

Discovering for yourself how to daily choose LIFE, HEALTH and HEALING whether it be by drinking more water, getting proper sleep and rest, moving more with exercise, surrounding yourself with loving supportive relationships, reducing chronic, unrelenting stress in your life, saying your prayers to "Let GO, and Let GOD" or by improving nutritional choices...

you too can learn to live in THE HEALTH RECOVERY ZONE!

This book was written as an outreach to those who may not have the luxury of hiring a personal health coach!  Don't worry, there is HOPE, there ARE things we can do and you too can get the information you need to walk the narrow road that leads to life!  Cary will share her experience, strength and hope with her readers, revealing how she was able to reverse her own autoimmune condition she was told would require medicine the rest of her life. Cary uses the wisdom of scripture and 12 step recovery to encourage those struggling with compulsive food challenges, or stressful situations which we are powerless over.  The HRZ is a faith based approach to holistic health!  We must all learn to nourish our spirit, soul AND BODY to get the answers we seek!  It is written, "Faith without works is dead!"  


Some clients have also received excellent results following the DIY $65 Health Recovery 101 online "6 week EXPERIENCE" taken with a group of like minded friends needing a kick start detox from the culture of fast food we live in. 

"We gotta SAVE ourselves!!"  (Philippians 2:12 paraphrase!)