We gotta SAVE ourSELVES!  Sometimes life happens and we honestly need some extra help NOW!

My Clients can pick up things at their local healthfood store, whole foods market, or shop with me right here.  Out of convenience I have suggestions for further reading to supplements that in general I like to take or have on hand at home.  Locally, I love shopping at Trader Joes, Fresh and Easy Whole Foods, Sprouts, Mother's Market and my local juicebars or healthfood store for specialty items.  My list here are products that I like using on a regular basis and can't live without!

MY favorite GREEN SUPERFOOD choices for cheaters you can buy at any Health Food market usually or order online:

Green Magma Barley grass or

Macro Greens  or

Greens First or

Hemp seed or Chia seed fiber aid to improve normal transit time!

ZERO calorie flavored Green Tea drops found in many health food or whole market stores

Vanilla Flavored Stevia drops for coffee (found at most whole food markets or health food stores)
Orange flavored Stevia drops for tea's

VITACOST.COM is a good site to order many support products at an affordable price and they ship to your door!

OTC hemp CBD drops   other online high quality supplements to aid problem sleeping may be found at LIDTKE

Say this:

"I wanna LIVE!!"

Sometimes there are reasons due to our geographical location or climate that we at times can benefit with some extra seasonal nutritional support:

Some of my favorite superfood supplements found online for the best quality vs price:

A full spectrum green drink called Rejuvenate PLUS

A great digestive enzyme for indigestion prevention called DIGASE

A pancreatic proteolytic enzyme called PROLYT

​Enhancing our fiber intake with Intestinal Rejuvenation 

​Nascent Iodine to support thyroid and metabolic function

Ancient Minerals Magnesium flakes for bath or magnesium oil

​Boosting our PROBIOTIC requirements

Vitamin B complex

VITAMIN C caps for immune system fighting power boost


Taking an anti inflammatory CURCUMIN supplement

​De-STRESS thyself with a wonderful nights sleep with "Warrior Sleep"

No MATTER WHAT if we learn to STOP the inflow of inflammatory triggers in our lifestyle and support the body with what it NEEDS to keep us healthy, there will be times we need extra support via some high quality nutrient supplementation to get us where we want to be feeling AMAZING again!  Even our soils growing our fresh produce have been stripped of certain vital nutrients that we cannot get today like our ancestors did who ate the same foods from the garden! 

Check out my DIY e course online at

Health Recovery 101

to learn the BIG PICTURE of HOW it happens! 

Just click on the picture to dind out MORE!  

Educate thyself with a fun 6 week e-course!

My TRUSTED source for exemplary supplemental aids are found at IntegratedHealth.com with some great suggestive support items game changing items for a true detox and nutrient boost:



REJUVENATE PLUS is a superior green drink that actually tastes GOOD all by itself!  If you have fussy taste buds this may be the best food you eat all day in a simple drink shaken with water and SLAM it!




B Vitamins

Vitamin C

Proper combo of digestive enzymes

and VITAMIN D from lack of sunshine!

Sometimes we find ourselves in a depleted state and we gotta POWER UP with nutrients to BOOST our immune system for battling everyday enemy invaders!

Do you "want" to be WELL?

Health Recovery with Cary Kelly

Ancient Mineral Magnesium Flakes is the best place to start to address a magnesium deficiency!  You can make your OWN Magnesium oil by pour 1 cup of near boiling water onto 1 cup of flakes.  Stir to dissolve and when cooled pour into a spray bottle!

FYI there have been NO reported deaths from consuming vitamin supplements the last 10 years HOWEVER there are at least 100,000 deaths per year from people taking their RX perscription medicines AS DIRECTED by their physician annually! Does not include the 100,000+ more deaths from medical errors each year! Add up those numbers then go research: 



I have never been a FAN of daily swallowing a bunch of supplements but we know due to our climate, geographic location and the deterioration of our farmlands that supplementing is a dire need when looking at restoring imbalances from deficiencies in our sick body.  Most everyone in our population are lacking in magnesium, iodine, B-vitamins, VITAMIN C and Vitamin D3 and we know this by the symptoms we develop that may be resolved by simply supporting our immune system with what it needs to auto-correct and re-balance.  Educate thyself on the remedies by supplying the missing nutrients in your lifestyle with the science of


Ideally, these are the foods we need to eat for meeting the RDA of essential vitamins for health & wellness.  Are you eating this way everyday? Of course you aren't!  LOL!


We gotta EAT for our Life to LIVE!!

aka: Health Recovery